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The new year is only a view weeks old; too much misery and turmoil on the worldstage. Perhaps you also wonder from time to time how the human race ends up. Things like compassion, solidarity, tolerance, an eye for the environement and the human dimension are difficult to find...

This... read more

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When you read this, the summerseason is already closed for two months, but in France it is still beautiful weather!

What a summer we've had! Beautiful, warm weather all summer, sometimes even a bit too warm; guests 'complained' that it was too hot to do anything.....

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We want to bring you up to date on new developments concerning Aimée Porcher.
Twenty two years ago we couldn't afford to buy the whole piece of land that was for sale than. Now the missing part (for us) came for sale again and after long negotiations we can say we are the proud owners of... read more


Season 2014 is over, we closed our gates on September 9th. It was a good season, with good weather and atmosphere. We have had a lot of new guests which is important and fun. We also had a lot of guests returning from last year; a good sign! The guests were enthusiastic about our campsite and... read more


As promised, we’ve bought a new, powerful jeep. With this new jeep we can help you, if necessary, by pulling your caravan up the hill. A comforting thought!
After our little ‘Jiepie’, we now introduce to you: ‘JIEP’!


In 2014: Special Offer: till 15/6 and after 25/8 2 persons inclusive electra € 17,-