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The Corrèze is one of the most unspoilt areas of France and is located between the Auvergne on the one hand and the Dordogne and Lot on the other hand. The scenery is very varied and offers meandering streams and famous rivers like the Dordogne and Vézère that flow through intense green valleys and mountains surrounded by extensive forests and picturesque villages full of geraniums and cordial residents. Of course, this area is also known for its red-brown Limousin cow that you see everywhere, you see them graze on the "roof" of the Corrèze The Millevaches Plateau, the plateau of 1,000 cows. The landscape is very hilly and pristine as in the beautiful valley of the Dordogne with its beautiful ancient towns Argentat and Beaulieu, but also with large rivers such as the Vézère, which nearly completely encompasses the old fortified town Uzerche. Or the river Corrèze which flows through the proud cities Tulle and Brive. Proud because of their rich history, monumental buildings, their festivals, gastronomic festivals and markets.